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07 July, 2012

Metal Slug X PC Game Free Download

Metal Slug X PC Game Free DownloadMetal Slug X is one of the best games from all Metal Slug Game versions. Metal Slug X is an upgraded version of most played Metal Slug 2. It has many updates in contrast with it's previous version i.e Metal Slug 2. It comes with many updates like fixing of slowing down of game during difficult stages. Metal Slug X was officially released in 1999 Neo Geo MVS. In contrast with Metal Slug 2 it brings new features for Players. Almost all music of the Metal Slug X is remixed. Now stages of Metal Slug X can take place at many times other than only day and night. Metal Slug levels have now more enemies and types of enemies are different than Metal Slug 2. Now in Metal Slug X vehicles types and locations are different. Now this games has more POWS(Power-ups) than Metal Slug 2. Weapons of Metal Slug X now comes with stronger version casing more damage to enemies especially when Player is Fat. Many new weapons are introduced in METAL SLUG 2 that are: Stones, Iron Lizard, Enemy Chaser, Super Grenade, Drop Shot, and a new Golden Metal Slug, which is available in Mission 3. At the end of Metal Slug 2 when game ends a black screen is shown while in Metal Slug X original art of Metal Slug Game is shown.

System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 for both 32 and 64 bit versions.
RAM:512 MB
Video Memory(Graphics Card): 32 MB
CPU : Intel Pentium III @1.0 GHz

Screen Shots:

Metal Slug X PC Game Free Download
Metal Slug X PC Game Free Download
Metal Slug X PC Game Free Download
Note: Antivirus may display this game as virus but this isn't any virus and you have to disable or Uninstall that antivirus that declare this game as Virus.
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