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23 March, 2013

How to Register Avast Antivirus 9

How to Register Avast Antivirus 9Avast Free Antivirus is one of the best and leading Antivirus of all time with advanced and enhanced features. Avast Antivirus 9.0 bring new features of Browser Cleanup, enhanced Remote Assistance function and Software Updater modules that provide you better knowledge about how to manage your windows. Here we are going to see the method of Registration of Avast Free Antivirus 9. It has also added a new feature of Browser Extension that protects your privacy from illegal use by different companies.
How to Register Avast Antivirus 9

1st best and most popular free antivirus program in the world.
Download Avast Here:

How to Register Avast Antivirus 9
              Avast Antivirus is the world best free antivirus for Windows especially. Avast antivirus has the strong shield against all kinds of malware with the powerful scanning system. It is Award Winning antivirus against all kinds of Malware at almost 4 times. Avast Antivirus was, is and hopefully will be the best free antivirus for Windows Users and it will protect your PC effectively. Avast antivirus has a good and enhanced feature of "Boot-time Scan" i.e Scan all Local Drives of your PC on start-up. Avast antivirus has another good feature of "Remote assistance" that allow any other user to remotely access your PC from any place through the Internet with specifics code given by securely. 
             Avast Antivirus 9 comes with new and enhanced features with brilliant look i.e Graphics. I recommend many of my friends to test and use it as it appears as best antivirus among all others that claim to be best for free users. Avast antivirus has another good quality that it gives one year Registration License to free user that makes it One of the best antiviruses all over the world. I realize that very small number of people complain about Avast that it isn't fair. But for User that want to use free version then Avast should be his first and best choice. Avast 9.0 has antivirus as well as maintenance features as well that protect your Operating system from crashing. Avast "Browser Cleanup" protect your browser from irrelevant Plug-ins and Add-ons that slows down your browser and PC as well because they not only running during Browsing but also during whole PC runtime in the background.

Method of Registration of Avast Antivirus for 1 Year:

        As When You install Avast Free Antivirus that is only for 30 days trial not only Premium and Internet Security but Also Free Version is in the trial. So, You have to register your avast for 1 year.
As for basic User that have Personal Computer(PC) Avast Free Antivirus is sufficient, the upgraded versions that have Premium or Internet Security features are mostly requirements of IT Professionals or Organizations. The step by step method for registering Avast Antivirus is: 

Method of Online Registration:

After Installing Your Avast Antivirus, First, you have to click on "Register" that is on the top of Avast window font of "Avast Free Antivirus".
How to Register Avast Antivirus 9

2. After that Avast will Give You 4 choices , 1st is of Free License of 1 Year while 2nd and 3rd are premium and Internet Security, You have to select Free that is marked in Grey color.
3. After that, a form will appear that ask You for filling Your First Name, Last Name and Email for the Registration form, and when this registration is on end they will also tell You through email. and click register.
4. Your Avast will be Registered successfully for 1 year mentioned in days that are almost 365.
How to Register Avast Antivirus 9

Method of Offline Registration:
The method of offline registration is to simply open Avast Antivirus from tray icon or Desktop shortcut then click on settings tab at last then In new window click on the 6th tab that is of "Registration". There In offline registration section click on Insert License key and insert License key from here:
Copy key from here and paste it into "Registration" section of Avast "Settings" Option.
One Year License Key: C00095961H1200A0917-8S6Z1301
Fill below form on below link to get one year key of Avast Free Antivirus on your email.
Register for your free Avast 1 year license

How to Register? See Below Picture and follow step by step.

    How to Register Avast Antivirus 9
    Avast Free Antivirus 9 offline license key valid until 2094:-
    Use above image method to use this key to register Avast 9.


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