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18 February, 2014

Subway Surfers free download for Windows PC

Subway Surfers free download for Windows PCSubway surfers is a popular game of Android Mobile Operating System and throughout last month it is one of the top applications of all App stores of Android OS. The popularity of the app is due it's enhanced Graphics and best features. Now come on PC Subway Surfers Game that is also one of the famous games of PC in 2014 and only game to play with Mouse and if you are on Laptop then you have to use USB Mouse or Bluetooth Mouse. Subway Surfers is an interesting game in which a school kid with a bag on back running on Train tracks and a Fat Police officer with his dog is following him and Kid is in your control and you have to control his motion to avoid obstacles and also don't let Police Officer to chase kid otherwise Game will end. During the running of kid, you have to collect coins as much as you can and also packages in the way. There are different packages that boost your game, you can buy different facilities for your kid to boost it's performance. In menu if you click on shop you will access those facilities that boost your performance. These facilities include Hoverboard, Mystery Box, Headstart 250, Headstart 1000, and Skip mission 1 in single use section while in "Upgrades" section you can buy JetPack, Super sneakers, Coin Magnet and 2X Multiplier. You can pick these packages free during Running on track. In "Shop" you can buy these things in exchange of coins you earn during running.

Method for Playing Subway Surfers:

1. First the downloaded file will be opened by WinRar (Download from here). Extract that file with WinRar by right click on it and click "Extract Here".
2. Open the folder "Subway Surfers" and click on file Subway Surfers.exe i.e Application to play and note it is pre-installed(means you don't need to install it).
Subway Surfers free download for Windows PC
 3. Now a Window will open in front of you that will give you options of Graphics and input. Select your desire settings for you from both sections or you will have to play with default settings with mouse.
Subway Surfers free download for Windows PC
4. If you want to play game in limited Window then you will have to mark the option in Graphics section "Windowed" or Unmark it to play in full screen mode. You can also select your own settings for Graphics.

Subway Surfers free download for Windows PC
5. You can change playing Keys options through 'Input' Panel in Main Menu. You have to double click on option to change key.
 Download Subway Surfers for Windows PC here:
Subway Surfers free download for Windows PC
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