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25 July, 2014

Best Free Antivirus of 2016: 360 Total Security Free Download

Best Free Antivirus of 2016: 360 Total Security Free Download360 Total Security is one of the best free Antivirus of Windows Operating Systems for 2016 that nearly jump against the Windows OS Antivirus programs. It is one of the best Antivirus of Android Operating Systems and got the first position in All antiviruses of Android OS and also most used Antivirus of Android that comes with System Tuning utilities. Its scanning system for Android is Intelligent than all other Antiviruses. It has all it’s features exclusively for Android OS but In Windows OS it has powerful AV Engine of World Best Antivirus for Windows i.e BitDefender Antivirus. While scanning system is it’s own and the best scanning system that Scan all the areas from where Virus can be detected and Virus can affect those areas including Task Manager, Registry, Startup, and Memory. It can delete a number of Viruses without any problem and doesn’t halt like other Antiviruses as when they detect more than 200 or 250 viruses and they halt or got hang when they are going to delete them. This Antivirus has too much size in setup but it’s not too heavy on the system where usage of storage doesn’t matter but the usage of Processor and Memory has importance. It runs in the form of 5 processes in Task Manager and gets almost 30MB RAM size for its usage.
       360 Total Security comes with System Utilities too in Windows OS version i.e Trace Cleaner that gives you the option to clean Junk Files in 3 categories that are: “Browsing History, Windows History and Office History”. But you have to use them carefully because it can delete the waste data that may be useful for you like “cookies” that some websites like Facebook and Email service providing websites use them in "Logging in" process. Similarly, Firefox provides you a significant feature to store password and protect them through another password if you select the option to remove passwords then Trace Cleaner will delete them and there isn’t any way to recover them. Another feature includes “Sandbox” in which you can “Run” a suspicious program that you think may affect your Computer. 
Best Free Antivirus of 2016: 360 Total Security Free Download
         Its powerful scanner has three categories like other Antiviruses that are “Quick Scan”, “Full Scan” and “Custom Scan”. Quick Scan quickly scans the areas where the vulnerability of Virus attack is more. While “Full Scan” scan all the storage of your Computer including System drive and detect all hidden and active viruses. Custom scan has categories for better User Interface that give the option to select the place to run a custom scan that includes USB, CD, Desktop, My Documents and Office Docs. It scans and deletes all the waste created by Virus including Shortcut Links, .dat files and other trash like Avast Antivirus. But it is more powerful than Avast Antivirus in scanning and overall comparison as Antivirus program.
             It’s Real Time Protection includes three categories that are “Computer Protection, Internet Protection, and Privacy Protection”. Computer Protection includes Real-Time Protection, USB Protection, and Proactive Defense against malicious and quick threats while Internet Protection includes URL filtering and Download Protection that is one of the best features of 360 Total Security which makes a best Antivirus program. Privacy Protection includes Anti Keylogger and Webcam protection.

But Unlike other Internet Security Antiviruses that are mostly the last and final edition and complete security solution 360 Total Security doesn’t include a “Firewall”. Firewall is the software layer that protects you from Malware that comes through the Internet. Windows has it’s own firewall and it is sufficient for a basic user but not for special or Professional User that works on the Internet or use Internet for their professional purposes including shopping, selling and buying. 
According to CNET Download.com 360 Total Security is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Best Free Antivirus of 2016: 360 Total Security Free Download
Best Free Antivirus of 2016: 360 Total Security Free Download


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