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01 November, 2014

How to easily Download And Install Windows Drivers

How to easily Download And Install Windows Drivers How to easily download and install Windows Drivers in one click, here you will get full guideline about that. Windows drivers are more difficult to install when you want to install an Operating system that is new in the market and you wanna install. Here we will guide you about the method to install drivers through 3DP Chip. 3DP chip is an application software that will identify your system specifications and hardware and then provide you desired drivers that you will install through 3DP chip website manually one by one. Drivers on 3DP chip server are mostly the latest version and if they are previous versions then they are most suitable versions according to your system specifications. Usually, driver is only developed by vendors that manufacture that hardware device of your system(Computer). Software or Tech expert identify drivers through device ID of software and search that on Google and download drivers from device manufacturer website and that's a difficult method and even nearly impossible for an ordinary user. But 3DP chip will automatically identify your device ID and locate it on their server quickly in few seconds. After that, it will display links to drivers in it's opened the window and you will click on the device name and it will open a link in the browser that will take you to your device driver on 3DP website. There Drivers versions along with operating system will be given and you will download for your own and try to install the latest version.

How to USE 3DP Chip to install drivers:

1. First, download 3DP chip software from the below-given Download link. After running setup click on next and then "I Agree" then in choosing components only mark 3DP chip and click next.
2. Then install it through "custom installation" method as Express installation will install Linkey Browser and will change your Homepages of all browsers without your permission. So select Custom Installation and Unmark  options of Linked that's a type of malware and slows down your PC and Browser.
3. After installation, 3DP chip will automatically identify your drivers that are basic and missing.
4. After that you will have to click on the names of each driver e.g Video card and then 3DP chip will open a page in your default Browser of that driver with latest or best version and then you will have click on Download Driver after those versions of driver will be displayed and you can download and install driver.
How to easily Download And Install Windows Drivers
Like in above image click on each name of device and a link will open in your browser that will provide you the driver for that device. Click below "Download" button to Download 3DP Chip.
How to easily Download And Install Windows Drivers
As above stated by clicking on your system device name a link will open in your default browser and then will display driver. Here first you will have to select your Operating System and then version of the driver will appear below. Click on version driver will start downloading. After download complete locate the downloaded driver and double click on it to install.
Download from our Source
How to easily Download And Install Windows Drivers
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