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25 December, 2014

How to download torrents without any Software

How to download from torrent website without any Software i.e bit torrent or Utorrent????

How to download torrents without any Software
It's not so difficult. You don't have to be worry about that. It's so easy as Nowadays many sites offer torrent extraction and from there you can download your required files very easily. You don't need to download any software Like BitTorrent, uTorrent or any other software that spent 5 to 6 hours on slow internet connections or even 7 to 8 and 2 to 3 hours on fast or whatever..... The thing I want to tell you peoples is to extract or get your files from torrent online and then you can download them through your browser with the help of download managers for example Internet download manager or any of its alternative as much alternative software of IDM available on the internet most of them are free but one thing you people see that they are not true alternative of IDM. So You have to solve the issue of IDM first. You can download IDM from the site I'm giving to tell you and that is the best website for you to help you in this case. Below is the Link of that:
How to download torrents without any Software

This IDM will work perfectly and will not create any problem InshALLAH!!!

IDM abbreviated as Internet download manager is one of the top download managers of the world that handle download in an effective way than any other download manager as I see a download manager that is an abuse over the name of download managers is ILivid. How cheap their developers are i.e Bandoo Inc.  Even they cannot develop their software to download small files that a browser can download easily even IE 6 can download the files of small size but Ilivid can't. and here we are out of our topic.
              We are talking about download movie from torrent sites. First, you have to go to Torrentz.eu. It's one of best search engine for searching torrents like Google. But which links you have to choose and which you shouldn't touch even because they are just ads. Here see which one you should choose:
How to download torrents without any Software
 In the above image, I marked some numbers with colour circles. In the first row, I marked two with red they have a very poor rating, and green has good rating while light green has a fair rating. You have to choose the link that has a good rating, above 5 ratings has always good download speed. Another thing you people have to notice is that I have marked in a big circle has a number of torrents downloaded from that link...  I have marked that one which are opened many times as given there for downloading that torrent. As I'm going to choose that have good rating let see what happened:
How to download torrents without any Software
Open from top one as there given a Link of "pirate bay" that is a good search engine or site for downloading torrents. You can also see link for best torrent sites i.e Top 10 best torrent sites or see Top 15 best torrent sites. Now what you have to do is to choose your link from top 3. As I have chosen baymirror.com link and there see what you have to do there:
How to download torrents without any Software
As in the above image, I marked two option with pink colour first one is "Get this torrent", Right-click on that and click on "Copy Link Location"(Note: this right-click pop-up is of Mozilla Firefox and Chrome. For Internet explorer you have to click on "Copy Shortcut"). The link will be copied to your clipboard, Now go to torrent extraction site i.e Zbigz.com.
Now there You have to paste the link in the required directory and click on "Go".
How to download torrents without any Software
I have clearly marked all steps by which you can extract your torrent. As in step 1, you have to paste the link and then in step 2 click "Go". You can upload .torrent file also that I marked in black.
After that, you will see a page will give you two options "Free" and "Premium".
How to download torrents without any Software
You can see that I've encircled "free" and below that, I encircled another option that your file that you want to download should be less than 1 GB. After that, it will extract or catch the torrent file for you after that you can download your file easily. It will catch the file quickly.
How to download torrents without any Software
In the above image, I've marked .zip button when you click on that you can download it in one complete file if it is less than 1 GB. I marked 503MB in yellow colour that shows that the process of caching torrent file is complete. That is marked in orange colour.

Other Notable Websites to Download Torrents:


Boxopus download torrent for you and put it in your private storage that is online cloud storage.
It is also one of the great alternatives to ZBIGZ. It provides high speed compare to Zbigz. The difference is only that you have to create an account on boxopus. It doesn't include premium account i.e 100% free only need an account.
Steps to download torrents from Boxopus:
1. Go to BOXOPUS.com Register using your email address or sign in with Facebook.
2. Click on browse and upload your torrent file to BOXOPUS Now boxopus will cache your file, you will have to wait for some time.
3. When it get done with caching, you will get direct link of your file. Click on it and download it via IDMInternet Download Manager 


PutDrive is also a torrent downloader that allows 10 GB of cloud storage of torrents.
Method of Downloading torrents with PutDrive:
1. Go to PUTDRIVE.com and create an account.
2. Upload your torrent Wait for a time to cache it Once cached, it will give you a direct link Click on it and download it via IDM.


PCloud is also one of the leading Torrent Downloader. They are having their own app in google play. So you can manage your account anywhere. It also offers offline access. It also allows up to 20GB of files storage.

Torrents handler: 

Torrent handler is considered as a faster client to download torrents with IDM. It's servers give more speed to IDM downloading as compared to others.
Method of Use:
Go to torrenthandler.com and upload your torrent file. Enter your email address as when a file is cached your download link will be sent to your email id from where you can download via IDM method.