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01 January, 2015

Unblock YouTube: Best proxies

Unblock YouTube: Best proxiesYouTube is one of the best and famous video sharing website. Its usage among students is just like Facebook or even more than that. So for unblocking YouTube against any restrictions, there are many ways. Ways to unblock YouTube includes software, browser extensions, and other Proxy websites. Unblocking through software has a big drawback i.e it slows down the speed of browsing and downloading. While Unblocking through extensions slows down the speed of browser that ultimately slows down the speed of browsing and downloading through the browser but may not vary through a download manager. So, I will prefer and recommend the usage of Unblocking YouTube through a proxy website. So, here I collect some best proxy websites that have fast speed of downloading and browsing than other ways through software and extensions. That proxy website are:
.  Best proxies to open YouTube from proxy server:
After the posting of some blasphemous material on YouTube, YouTube blocked in many Muslim countries including Pakistan. People search Google for different proxies to Unblock YouTube but all of them have some problems although they open YouTube by any method(those proxies) but they have many problems. In many of them, YouTube’s original FLV player doesn’t appear through which video buffering is fast and smooth. Also in YouTube FLV player you can easily forward the video or switch it back but in those players to unblock YouTube you can’t forward or back video. Another problem is that from proxies video downloading with the help of IDM is very slow. So here I am offering you the best proxies among all of them, although these are also proxies like all others but these are the best choices by IT professionals. And you will see these will work 100% and satisfactory without any problems. So, here are that best proxies:

1. SevenSchool.com
A real copy of Frimt.com and DuckReader.com whose domains renewals are expired or either their server are closed. But Just like them, it provides the facility of HTTPS secure connection will SSL encryption.

2. Fofmax.com
It is also an alternative of Frimt.com but Unlike DuckReader.com it isn’t providing the facility of HTTPS secure connection. However, it is faster and has ability to Unblock YouTube faster other proxies.

Copies of Fofmax.com:


3. Videoproxies.com
                                                Videoproxies.com is the collection of 4 different proxy websites that are also used to unblock YouTubeand such other sites. Although these all are same in designing, working and even their owners are same. But if one of them i.e proxyvideo.net is may be blocked by different institute’s Internet Servers especially proxy servers then you can use other ones that are MovieProxy.net , VideoUnblock.com, and VideoProxy.co , also labeled there on this website. VideoUnblock.com is best and famous among them also fastest than it’s colleagues.

Others are:


  1. I used Fofmax previously but now sevenschool.com. it's best! thanks sakhawat tanoli

  2. https://www.genmirror.com is also good