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18 February, 2015

Best Alternative of YouTube

Best Alternative of YouTube
The best alternative that use videos of YouTubebut play them on their own platform and player that has suitable performance in both flash player and website loading speed. That best alternative is YTPak.pk that will play youtube videos through their own search result or you will choose a manual link and that link will be used there on playit.pk to load and play the video. Here you have to remember the thing that you will use direct link of video not that one you copy from Google Search results. Playit.pk isn’t so intelligent yet to check next link that what’s behind a link. Playit.pk is a unique website of it’s type that it will not play videos of it’s own servers but it will use links and videos of YouTube and will play them on their platform along with their own built-in Online Flash video Player. Other websites like Dailymotion.com, vimeo.com,  and Tune.pk use their own servers that have uploaded videos by their users not of YouTube hence that make Playit.PK different from these websites. It’s not a true alternative but you can say it another domain or proxy website of YouTube. Proxy websites are different from Playit.pk in sense that first of all they are declared illegal by institutions and secondly they only host a server that will open any websites for you from that specific server. And that specific server will use IP address of a specific location on which nothing is blocked. Then they will open blocked website through encryption of link and other data in specific manner to avoid censorship and display all things of that website instead of Video that will be mostly played through an adverse player known as Flow Player. Flow flash player is an online Flash Player that is open source and you can use them on your own website by integrating it in your code. Flow flash payer has a fair buffering speed while most of the time in slow speed it will fail to buffer remaining video especially when their comes white line. So, in my opinion there is only one website that’s a best way to open Youtube. You can say it an unblocked domain of YouTube or a legal proxy to play YouTube videos.

Visit here for YTPAK.PK

Alternative of YT Pak is PAK TUNE 
Another good alternative is PAK VIM
Another Alternative website is Gullu Tube
You can also use  www.nicktube.com
You can download video from Playit.pk just like YouTube with the help of IDM. Download full version IDM here.