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29 July, 2016

Change Your Homepage to Google

How to add Google to your homepage. Means when you start your browser or when you click on your home icon button Google should open as your Search Engine. As Google is world top Search Engine and give suitable results to every type of user belongs to any field of study or profession. But when you install different application programs they change your homepage to their own homepages that they create for their marketing so by spoiling your search preferences they do only marketing. So, you should unmark the options of changing your Search Engine during installation of freeware softwares. USB Disk Security & AVG Antivirus are the examples that change your specific search engines to their own. On the other hand malware especially Adware also change your homepage by installing scripts or plugins in your browser. To prevent that two powerful and best antivirus softwares offer their best service and they are ESET NOD32 Antivirus and Avast Antivirus. So you should learn how to change your homepage manually. Here are the methods of changing Homepage of different Browsers whose are deteriorate by different application softwares.

How to change your Homepage in Mozilla Firefox:

Here are the picture tutorial by which you can easily learn how to change your homepage to Google. 
TO change your homepage from any other Search Engine to Google simply click on Lock Icon in navigation bar and drag it home icon and then a pop-up will appear and ask you "Do You want this document to be your new homepage?" click on "Yes". See here:

How to add or change Google to Your Homepage in browser

How to change your Homepage in Google Chrome:

1. To change your homepage in Google Chrome you have to click on Chrome Menu in Browser toolbar.
2. After that you have to click on settings.
How to add or change Google to Your Homepage in browser

3. Then settings page will open in front of you. Mark option "Open a specific page or set of pages" then click set pages.
4. A menu will open in front of your there remove the previous pages by click on "cross icon" in front of them. Enter the web address "http://www.google.com", click "OK".
How to add or change Google to Your Homepage in browser

5. Then mark the option "Show home button", after that click on "Change", then a pop-up menu will open. there mark the option "Open this page:", there also write: "http://www.google.com".
And you are done in "Google Chrome".

How to Change Google to your Homepage in internet Explorer:


  1. Thanks for this helpful and informative article! I set Google to my homepage with sucess