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20 October, 2017

Typing Master 7.1 Full Version Free Download

Typing Master 7.1 Free Download
Typing Master 7.1 Full Version Free Download
Typing Master 7.1 designed for those people who wish to develop or test their typing skills. You can create multiple user profiles and it gives you access to various types of courses and activities. This program also provides you with detailed stats based on your test results. Typing Master 7.1 allows you to learn the powerful touch typing technique. You can double your typing speed to save your precious time. This software has the features of interactive training with a personal approach. This complete software leads students step-by-step to fluent error-free typing. After using this software and learning through this typing master, students will type 3 to 5 times faster with over 98% accuracy.
Instant Feedback and Stats
Illustrated long term stats and immediate feedback make it easy to follow progress, and it keeps students motivation high.
Multi-form Exercises
Review exercises, keyboard drills, games, and typing tests provide optimal support for every phase of learning and further, it keeps students engaged.
Dynamic Review Exercises
Well, this program analyses each user's typing while working through the course and also makes fully tailored review exercises for each student's needs.
Additional Courses 
Typing Master 7.1 program features additional courses for speed building, number row, numeric keypad, and special marks.
Typing Master 7.1 Free Download
Extra Practice 
Typing Master 7.1.0 propose extra practice to innovative students with typing games and targeted review exercises.


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