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05 June, 2018

Microsoft Project 2010 Professional Free Download

Microsoft Project 2010 Professional Free Download
MS Project is a software product that is used for the project management. The software is developed and sold by Microsoft. The project manager mostly uses this software, they develop their plans using this software. MS Project is designed to assist the project manager in assigning resources to tasks, managing the budget, tracking progress, and analyzing workloads. The Microsoft Project was 3rd Microsoft Windows-based app, and within two years this app became the most dominant PC-based Project management software. The software can also be used for your own one-man project, you can organize and list the tasks that you need to perform to get a specific goal. They have released two versions before Microsoft Project 2010. There are a lot of changes made by the company to make it easier for their users. The biggest difference between the others and this version of Microsoft is the ribbon that they have put into play in place of the standard toolbar.
Microsoft Project 2010 Professional Free Download
            The new MS Project 2010 has a shiny new interface, but that’s not all, under the cover, it contains powerful task management, new scheduling and view improvements that give you a better control on how you present and manage your projects. As we discussed before that when you would start the MS project 2010, you will be surprised to see that toolbars and menus have been replaced with the Ribbon. With the help of ribbon, you can easily and quickly find the commands that you need to complete the task. The next new feature that has been improved is the Backstage. This feature is containing the same commands available on the earlier versions of MS Project to save, open and print project files. In MS project 2010 user can also use this feature to manage their Project Server connections and to publish and check out projects. Moreover, the most common commands can now be found with one click, yes, and just one right click.
Download 32 bit MS Project
Microsoft Project 2010 Professional Free Download
Download 64 bit MS Project
Microsoft Project 2010 Professional Free Download
            By right-clicking on any item in a view such as a table cell, chat, bar, or a mini toolbar you will see the most commonly used commands displaying on your screen. Another feature that has been added in this version is the Team Planner, a resource scheduling view, which will let you interact with your schedule that was not possible before. You can move tasks from one person to another and see what your team members are working on using the team planner view. Moreover, you can assign and view unassigned work, see tasks names, and view over allocations. Last but not the least timeline view that is automatically displayed above other views. You can easily add tasks to the timeline and also can print it for a summary report of the entire project.

Microsoft Project 2010 Professional Free Download
  • MS Project 2010 Professional got a shiny new interface.
  • Toolbars and menus are replaced with the ribbon so you can quickly find the commands.
  • The backstage feature that now allows you to use Backstage to manage Project Server connections.
  • Now you can find the most commonly used command with just one right click.
  • Team Planner, a resource scheduler view is introduced that lets you interact with your schedule.
  • Timeline view feature that lets you add tasks to the timeline.


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