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30 January, 2019

360 Total Security Essentials Free Download

360 Total Security Essentials Free Download


360 Total Security Essentials is an antivirus that provides an outstanding protection of system against viruses, malicious software downloading, Trojans, spy keyloggers, unnecessary and panic toolbars, and malware. This software contains a very powerful scanning search engine, which will update automatically and will provide you a high-layered security to protect the PC from the hacking attacks. It is fully loaded with the latest security features like the download manager, Sandbox, and log maintaining. The Sandbox feature makes it easy to run the newly installed applications in safe environment and moderate the risk of threats. 360 Total Security Essentials provides an option for the quick scan that will detect and scan the malicious files, monitor the running process, and check the setting of the system files. If the software, founds anything suspicious in the PC, it will generate the warning and remove the threats. The software checks the files that you are downloading and monitor the behavior of all files after downloading to ensure 100 percent protection and security. 360 Total Security Essentials also provides online protection and let the user know about the suspicious login. Further, it provides you a pool for blacklist and whitelist websites to save the user time.


360 Total Security Essentials contains a lot of features. The Essential version has a very attractive, colorful, and user friendly interface. There will be no problem for the novice users to use this software because it has a very simple and easy-to-use interface, and also a very easy way to install this software. The Essential version contains a Layered Protection where multiple shields guarantee a peaceful and secure digital experience. This feature allows you worry free from any kind of Trojan, Phishing, and data theft. The essential version lets you execute those programs, which are a bit of risky, in the Sandbox so threats will be kept away from your PC. This essential version lets you quickly scan your system so the detected malicious files can be removed. The software provides a real-time protection with the latest virus threat indexes and definition updates provided seamlessly so that your system is always secure and up to date. The Essential version has a superior threat detection and protection capabilities as you know that it is the award winning antivirus for this reason. 
360 Total Security Essentials Free Download


  • 360 Total Security Essentials has a very colorful, attractive, and a friendly interface for the novice users and you can install it within a few steps without facing any difficulties.
  • It has a feature of Layered Protection that contains multiple shields that allow you worry free from Trojan, Phishing, and data theft.
  • This software will allow you execute risky programs in the Sandbox so all the threats will be kept separate from your PC.
  • The Essential version lets you quickly scan your PC so threats and malicious files can be removed.
  • 360 Total Security Essentials wins the award because of its superior detection and protection capabilities.


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