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You can help us by using our affiliates!
It is a win-win situation where you can help us by using the below services for your use from these links. You will also get rewards while helping us.


  • One of the best payment service available globally for sending receiving and buying anything on the internet securely is Payoneer, join Payoneer here.[Tested]
  • One of the best Microfinance Banking service i.e EasyPaisa in Pakistan, most renowned service and acknowledged by major Tech Companies like Microsoft, Google and Daraz etc.[Tested]

Online Stores, Shopping and Food:

  • One of the prominent name in Shopping in South Asia is Daraz.pk. Download the app now and enjoy amazing discounts and deals. You can also sell products if a regular taxpayer.[Tested]
  • FoodPanda is a popular name in food delivery and used in many places, download app or sign-up to get Rs 300 off for order of Rs 800 cashless. [Tested]


  • Want to know about one best-earning pop-ups ads platform, here is Propeller Ads, highest paying ad service from Adsense. Join here.[Tested]
  • Want to earn money? Just shorten link of files you often send to friends or any other person and earn money for that using ADFly website.[Tested]
  • Want to earn from banner, pop-under and various other popular types of ads join Revenuehits here.[Tested]


  • Want a free Cab, Join Careem through our referral link and earn first ride free of cost here.[Tested]
  • Another great taxi service to use is Uber, you will get first free ride through our referral here.[Tested]

Outsourcing and Recruiting Services:

  • Want to hire someone for a tech or other job? OR want to earn money as a Freelancer, advanced Freelancing platform Fiverr is here for you. [Tested]
  • Another outsourcing and Freelancing Platform i.e a traditional but popular one is Freelancer.com. [Tested]

Domains and Hosting:

  • Get the cheapest VPS and Dedicated servers from Server Cheap with the best quality for hosting your websites, web apps, or cloud apps, both KVM and OpenVZ servers, starting from 20$/year.[Tested]
  • VPS, VDS, and Dedicated servers with high-quality services along with servers based on custom requirements from VPSNet, VPS starting from only 4 euro/month.
  • Want to know about a reputable and user-friendly web hosting in Pakistan i.e TezHost, See their plans, will be the best option for website, domains, or forums etc. [Tested]
  • UK based budget hosting with shared hosting and various other hosting packages with wonderful support i.e TSO Host [Tested].
  • Best Offshore Hosting provider Offshore Racks with best servers and hosting with wonderful support.[Tested]

Other Referrals:

  • Trello is task management tool with boards to manage and keep record of different tasks of your projects, get it here.[Tested]
  • One of best mobile calling app and Phone directory which mostly tell you name of unknown numbers or labels with which they are saved in some TrueCaller user phonebook. Banned in Pakistan, could only be used by VPN, Download here.[Tested]

File Hosting:

  • One of the most popular hosting service and Windows default cloud drive i.e Microsoft OneDrive that now comes with a private folder protected with a password named as Personal Vault. [Tested]
  • Another trustworthy popular source of file hosting and sharing, DropBox! an interesting feature is if you attach a USB or memory card with a laptop or computer where Dropbox is installed it will ask you to copy them to dropbox automatically in just a single click. Note they will also be backup to cloud, so join DropBox here.[Tested]
  • Signup on DouUploads to earn money for using cloud space to host your data or files for free from here.[Tested]
  • Signup on MediaFire to earn 50 GB of cloud space to host your data or files for free from here. [Tested]
  • Host your files for downloading with this fast and incredible file hosting service known as UptoBox.[Tested]
  • One of the best web and Google Drive app which has service of integration with popular file-hosting sites including FTP based option, this incredible file uploading and downloading service is Offcloud, work only using remote links.[Tested]
  • Best service of downloading torrents with IDM and without any torrent client, with a direct download link using Zbigz here, read the tutorial here.[Tested]


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